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Monday, April 16, 2012

The steps to changing your name after marriage

OK, so I waited over 3 years to complete this whole list, which prompted me to communicate the steps so it doesn't feel so daunting to anyone who is approaching the process with trepidation.

1. Change your name with the social security administration. Go to your local SSA office with your marriage certificate (or a certified copy) and old SS card and done. This actually went very quickly.
2. Change your name on your license. Go to a DMV or MVA office (Express ones will do this as well) with your new SS card, marriage certificate, and old license (along with information regarding a current address if you moved). This also went very quickly- I went to a MVA express.
3. Tackle the financial institutions. This includes your checking and savings accounts along with credit cards, car loans, mortgage, and anything else you can tie to a bank or credit union. The easiest way (and fastest) is to waltz into a nearby branch. However, if you don't live near a branch, or just don't like live interaction, you may be able to do this via email/ mail (I did have to go into my credit union branch in person however). Shoot an email to the customer rep department and they will give you the steps that are required at their financial institution. This will include signing a new signature card (with your new name of course), you may need it notarized, and then send a copy of your marriage certificate.
4. Any website that has your financial information (credit card number) tied to your old name:  this can be changed on an as needed basis. Once your name is officially changed with your financial institution, the next time you make an online purchase, just type in your new name!

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