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Friday, February 5, 2016

Fraudulent message from the IRS

Tax season is a ripe time for fraudsters to prey on the innocent public. This happens every year with everything from shady tax preparers to official-looking emails that mine for personal information that ultimately lead to identity theft and people losing money.

My parents just got an automated call from the "IRS". The message was that they were being sued by the IRS and they need to call the 'department' number immediately.

This is a SCAM. To begin with, the Internal Revenue Service would never send an automated message to someone that they are filing a lawsuit against. One would likely receive some sort of communication via the mail, probably certified mail. The number they ask you to call is not tied to any sort of IRS office.

This message is intended to scare people; the scammers then hope to get a call at the number they provide and will ask for personal identifying information or even money "to settle your IRS debt at a discount even!"

Share with your family and friends and don't let these scammers win!

If you are ever concerned that you may be in trouble with the IRS, go to the IRS website and find the number you need to call, never rely on a number someone sends you in an email or over a voicemail message.

Check out the message here.

Update: this number is already out of service, thank goodness. This clip is still a good example of what to watch out for!

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